All Phase Custom Mill Shop, Inc. was proud to introduce the addition of our prime line for mouldings in the Fall of 2012. Using high quality product and equipment we are able to provide a superior quality primed moulding to our customers. We offer our entire catalog as primed solid wood mouldings, no finger jointed mouldings. All mouldings are flap sanded after priming to decrease the amount of paint prep. The addition of the moulding prime line has allowed us to relieve our customers of the burden of priming mouldings on the job site. Contact us and we’d be happy to show why we are leading the way in Southwest Florida.

Are you a millwork shop looking to have your mouldings primed? We a happy to announce that we are offering our moulding priming service to other millwork companies. Please contact us and we will provide you pricing and lead time for primed moulding. Not a local company, that’s okay, we work with companies outside of Southwest Florida to provide primed mouldings as well. We will be glad to arrange to receive and have your product picked up by Common Carrier.