PVC Brackets, Rafter Tails, Columns and Exterior Accents

Technological developments in recent years have produced PVC products that enable consumers to enjoy the beauty of an easy installation reducing the need to perform repeat maintenance required by traditional wood accents. All Phase Custom Mill Shop continues to remain alert to the newest and best materials being produced by industry manufacturers. Today’s PVC products not only feature improved materials, they also incorporate imaginative designs. Please contact our All Phase sales team to discuss our PVC products, and talk to one of our knowledgeable building material specialists. They can help you make the choice that will fit perfectly with both your project and your budget. The following are just a few of the PVC accents available to you from All Phase Custom Mill Shop.


Architectural low maintenance PVC brackets from All Phase Custom Mill Shop are durable, lightweight, and easy to install. They can be easily painted and won’t peel or rot. They add distinction and definition to homes and outdoor living spaces and replicate the elegant look of the traditional wood brackets. They distinguish classic homes built from the Coastal U.S. to the Caribbean.

PVC Rafter Tails

Architects, contractors, remodelers, and homeowners choose our PVC rafter tails and other exterior trim elements because of their tough, moisture-resistant construction. We can help you make the choice that will fit perfectly with both your project and your budget.

PVC Columns

All Phase Custom Mill Shop can provide columns from a variety of materials including PVC. We can also supply simple column wraps, and decorative interior and/or exterior columns to suit any design, whether classic or contemporary.  Our craftsmen have the ability to replicate columns, capitals, and bases for renovation and historical restoration projects.  If you can imagine it or design it, we can bring it to life.